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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Bernie Sanders is a Nazi for Winning in Nevada

Career politician Bernie Sanders swept the Nevada "caucus" Saturday and below is the response from MSNBC:

Basically, Bernie Sanders is a Nazi for winning the Democrat primaries. On a related noted, is anyone getting tired of the "National Socialist" tropes? I mean technically Bernie Sanders probably is a National Socialist, so i'm not sure if the insult is effective on him.

Speaking of Insults:

I watched the Democrat Primary Debate and I was wondering to myself do Democrats actually watch these things? Because the only people who I know that viewed these are all Trump supporters. I will admit that this debate was much better than the previous debates--with much better questions--however, there's no way any of the people on stage can debate President Trump 1-on-1, it would be a blood bath.

On a Serious Matter, I've yet to meet a non-Sanders supporter:

During this whole primary nomination period for the Democrat party, I have yet to meet anyone who supported any candidate besides Bernie. Not one. They don't exist. Which OBVIOUSLY means Sanders is going to win the primaries and become the nominee unless he gets cheated again at the convention, which is a real possibility. 

Do you think we will be robbed? 

What's interesting to speculate of course is that regardless of what happens, the Democrat party is over. Most people haven't quite realized this yet, however, the Democrat party has defacto become the non-European party and the Republican party is the European Heritage American party. The ultra-left wing are POC's and are the biggest group voting for Bernie Sanders:

Detroit Free Press:
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won the Nevada caucuses, accelerating the momentum and strengthening his position heading into next week’s primary in South Carolina and the March 3 Super Tuesday contests.

He also showed his strength with minority voters.

In entrance polls, he was trouncing other candidates with Latino and Hispanic caucus-goers in Nevada, according to NBC News entrance polling results that showed him with 53% of the vote with that demographic in the seven-person race.

The entrance polls showed former Vice President Joe Biden at 16% of the Latino and Hispanic vote, former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 9%, billionaire activist Tom Steyer with 8% and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren with 7%.

Overall, Sanders leads among nonwhite voters as well. Nevada, the third state to vote, is the first with a significant minority population. About three in 10 Nevadans are Latinos, 10% of the population is black, and 10% is Asian American and Pacific Islander.

When the convention happens, if Sanders wins, his majority constituency will be non-Americans and the European American prole voters will be scrambling to find a new home because suddenly, "The Democrat party is not their father's Democrat party."So, they will either join the Right and grudgingly vote for Trump or create a third "Alternative-Democrat party." Likewise, if Sanders is robbed from his rightful nomination, he will take his latino and asian constituency and form a third "Alternative-Democrat party." Either way the Democrat party will be over and done with in 2020.

Does this make sense? Most people don't see this yet, however, demographics are critical. America isn't some magic source of land that automatically transforms people who land here into "Americans." America, likewise, isn't some magical 'idea' that you can pledge allegiance to. America has always been a culture. Culture is people. When the people get replaced, the culture is replaced and the ideas change.

Hence, why Bernie Sanders finds himself the front-runner.

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