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Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Google™ EVERYTHING is Racist Game

The modern world is politically charged and it seems like everywhere you go EVERYTHING is racist. Now it couldn't possibly be true that EVERYTHING is racist, could it? I decided to test this hypothesis by Googling™ a random term, then adding 'racist' and see if they are in fact racist or not.

Let's play:

"Craft beer is racist"

Does craft beer have a diversity problem?

Of course it does.

I bring this up because of a recent racial profiling incident in New York state at an Angry Orchard Hard Cider farm owned by Boston Beer Co., the maker of Sam Adams.

Given that big beer makers for decades courted male consumers with sexist TV ads featuring women in bikinis, it perhaps surprises no one that the craft beer business has become a haven for white males — most of whom happen to be hipsters. Sadly, what counts as diversity in this industry is the clean-shaven minority mixing with the bearded majority.

"Dogs are racist"

So, to answer the question, "Is it possible that a dog can be racist?" the answer seems to be "Yes," particularly if its caregiver has explicit or implicit negative attitudes toward other races and has limited experience interacting with them. In this case, as in many others, dogs, like children, are modeling their behavior after what they see in the actions of their caregivers. It seems that dogs watch us, read our emotions, and behave in a way which seems to be consistent with the way that we ourselves are behaving and reacting. This includes our attitudes toward individuals of other races.

"Laundry is racist"

A laundry detergent firm in China has come under fire for its racist commercial.
The advertisement by Shanghai-based Qiaobi begins with an attractive Chinese woman preparing to load her washer with laundry as a black man, with his face and white T-shirt stained with paint, wolf-whistles at her.

She beckons him over seductively.
As the man approaches and tries to kiss her, she suddenly pops a Qiaobi laundry detergent pod into his mouth, pushes him forcefully into the washing machine, closes it and turns it on.

When the washing cycle ends, the woman opens the lid as a fair-skinned Chinese man in a fresh white T-shirt slowly emerges from the machine.
She appears delighted upon sight of the second man.

"Soda pop is racist"

Lots of people know about how Coca-Cola used to contain cocaine or how Pepsi was the hip drink in the 1960s. Few realize that Coke marketed assiduously to whites, while Pepsi hired a "negro markets" department. Put more bluntly, Coke was made for white people. Pepsi was made for black people. Over the course of the decades and the seemingly limitless growth of the soft drink industry, the companies have expanded their marketing departments and launched myriad campaigns to discourage the idea that either appealed to a specific race. And now, in 2012 as Mayor Bloomberg plays tough against continued opposition to his ban on soft drinks, the complicated racial dynamics of the industry are exposed once again, as the NAACP works to reverse the ban, thanks, in part, to donations from Coca-Cola.

"Jewelry is racist"

Fashion retailer Topshop has apologised and withdrawn “yellow face” jewellery from sale after complaints that it was racist.

The Freedom Found collection was spotted by a customer at a store in Britain, who posted photos of the jewellery – featuring the heads of yellow face characters – to Twitter.

When the customer complained to the store manager, she was told it was “vintage style and not racist”, she wrote on Twitter.

"Books are racist"

Since Trayvon Martin was murdered in 2012, we have seen a renewed investment from white people in our community who want tools to help gain a foothold in their struggles to understand the ways that racism and white supremacy opperate in their minds, their families, and the larger world. The most recent police killings have renewed the urgency of the struggle in the minds of many white people and we are getting lots of calls and requests for help. Below is a list which is designed to meet a broad variety of reader's needs and experiences. Some of these books, like The Charleston Syllabus address our contemporary moment, some like Waking Up White, How I Shed My Skin, and White Like Me, are first person accounts of how individual white people came to understand themselves as white and to desire an end to white supremacy.

"The Bible is Racist"

The tragic shooting in South Carolina offers another painful reminder of American Christianity’s troubled relationship with race and segregation. While it is true that most of the great abolitionists were inspired by their Christian faith, it is also true that their opponents were inspired by their Christian faith. As a result, much contemporary racism is rooted in Christianity.

Unfortunately, the Bible is not very helpful when it comes to race issues. Many have found within its pages justifications for slavery, abuse of African-Americans and segregation. Unfortunately, the divisions between the races are exacerbated, not diminished, by Christianity.

In Contrast:

"Quran is racist"

Islam is known as a faith for all people and for all times. Muslims come from all continents and backgrounds, encompassing 1/5 of humanity. In the heart of a Muslim, there is no room for arrogance and racism. Allah tells us that the diversity of life, and the various languages and colors of human beings, is a sign of Allah’s majesty, and a lesson for us to learn about humility, equality, and the appreciation of differences.

Kinda weird that slavery currently exists in the Middle East and Islamic Africa and yet not a single negative research source found on Google.

"Ketchup is racist"

One thing Tony Winters doesn't seem to be short of is sauce. But apparently he's not just short of it. He's been illegally deprived of his human right to it. The Glaswegian has lived in Edinburgh for 18 years. It has taken him nearly two decades to uncover what he calls "anti-Glasgow" racism.

Told in Edinburgh's Gold Sea fish and chip shop that salt and brown sauce was free, but tomato sauce and other condiments came in sachets and carried an additional cost, Winters took his custom elsewhere.

"Crayons are racist"

So we decided to create Offensive Crayons to liven things up. Gone are the safe colors like "goldenrod" or "red." Now we have "Travel Ban Brown" and "Privilege" (exclusively for our Caucasian backers).

Some of our stretch goals include expansion packs themed for whatever depressing season is happening to help you with your persistent existential dread. For Thanksgiving, maybe we'll have "Drunken racist uncle purple?" Or maybe for Christmas, "Ho ho home invasion red?"

We're almost done with the packaging and production. All that's left is for you to give us your money, so we can make more things.

"Silverware is racist"

Recently, I chatted with someone who told me a story about her young niece, who goes to a prestigious preschool and was eating rice with her hands at lunchtime. The feedback her parents received was that this child needed to work on her table manners and use proper cutlery to eat. I immediately felt a rush of anger bubble up inside me when I heard this. The message that eating food with your hands is an unmannered way to eat is a real problem for me because it is dripping with the control and shame of colonization, which is particularly dangerous in an educational context. Suggesting that a child who eats with her hands has no manners is an echo of European colonial powers looking to tame the wildness out of the people they controlled. These European table manners were imposed on conquered people in an attempt to “civilize” them. It’s a damaging message about right and wrong ways to do things.

"Blind people are racist"

(CNN) A person may not have to "see color" to be racist. Some blind people, just like sighted people, make judgments about others based on their race, according to a new study.

The findings come from interviews conducted in person and over the phone with 25 people who were either born blind or severely visually impaired, or who lost their sight as children or adults. A researcher asked the participants, most of whom lived in the northeast United States, about whether they thought about race and also how it affected their feelings about a person.

"Conservation is racist"

On this week’s Earth Minute, GJEP Executive Director Anne Petermann discusses the inherent racism and colonialism of big conservation groups promote the idea that “nature” should be separated from humans. [...]

What gives Conservation groups, based in the global north the legitimacy to decide how to best preserve a forest or a species? What about the knowledges of the communities that have coexisted with those forests and guarded them for countless generations? These are the people with real solutions.

Well there you have it, everything is RACIST, except for the Quran. Apparently that's not racist which is a huge surprise. However, that's not the point of this article.

Racism doesn't exist, it's a social construct 

When is the last time you met a racist in real life? I've never met one. Yet, if you 'Googled™' something you would believe that EVERYTHING is racist. This is done intentionally to manipulate your emotions and trick you into thinking that your neighbors, friends and loved ones are RACIST. When the reality proves completely the opposite. 

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