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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Democrat CNN Debates Night 1 and 2 Takeaway

Some observations from the two debates (and the links in case you want to watch them)

1. In a bizarre move, CNN never uploaded any of the debates on youtube. I've been following this stuff for a decade and i've never seen a host not upload the entire debate so you can easily watch it. CNN hates you.

2. Yang had the best closing remarks. Despite only talking less than 9 minutes during the second debate and about 5 minutes in the last debate, he continues to poll in the top 5 of the candidates #yanggang

3. Biden did really good during this debate. Nobody actually thinks he is going to win, however he also had a good closing:

4. Miranne Williamson had the most searches after her debate on night one

5. With the exception of Yang's excellent behavior (and obsession with robots), the first CNN debates were better than night two.

6. ABC News will host the 3rd Democrat debate and they will really narrow down the candidates who will be on stage;

Hosted by ABC News, and airing live on the ABC broadcast network as well as live on Univision, the third Democratic debate will take place on September 12, with a second night on September 13 if needed. The limit will be capped at 10 candidates per night, but with the higher requirements for participation, it’s very unlikely that a large number of candidates will qualify for the third debate.

Rather than the 1% polling threshold and/or 65,000 unique donors, the new qualifications will require at least 2% polling support and 130,000 unique donors, with at least 400 unique donors across 20 states.

In other words, candidates have to meet both the polling requirement and the fundraising requirement to qualify. This is in contrast to the first two debates where candidates can qualify for participation by meeting either one of the requirements.

Candidates who do not meet both the polling and grassroots fundraising thresholds will not qualify to appear in the third or fourth debate.

7. So far only 5 candidates have qualified for the third debate

8. Full Night 1 Debate:

9. Full Night 2 Debate:

10. It's become clear that the Democrat party choice for President is Biden, Harris, Warren, Buttiegieggg, and Booker. The popular candidates, like Yang, Williamson, Sanders, and Gabbard will not make it.

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