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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

"They" Done Pissed Off the Oregon Loggers

Wednesday June 19th the Oregon Loggers blocked roads at the Capitol in protest against Oregon House Bill Agenda 21 2020.

Establishes Carbon Policy Office within Oregon Department of Administrative Services and di-rects Director of Carbon Policy Office to adopt Oregon Climate Action Program by rule. Modifies statewide greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals.

Establishes Joint Committee on Climate Action.Establishes purposes of Oregon Climate Action Program and provisions for investment of mon-eys received by state as proceeds from auctions conducted under program. Requires program toplace cap on greenhouse gas emissions that are regulated emissions and provide market-based mechanism for covered entities to demonstrate compliance with program.

 Sets forth certain other requirements for program and for rules adopted by Director of Carbon Policy Office related to pro-gram. Establishes certain funds. Sets forth requirements for uses of moneys deposited in funds.

Authorizes Public Utility Commission to allow rate or rate schedule to include differential rates or to reflect amounts for programs that enable public utilities to assist low-income residential cus-tomers.

Transfers duties, functions and powers of Environmental Quality Commission and Department of Environmental Quality related to greenhouse gas reporting to Carbon Policy Office. Amends greenhouse gas reporting statute.Repeals Energy Facility Siting Council carbon dioxide emissions standards. Includes provisions for treatment of site certificate conditions affected by repeal of carbon dioxide emissions standards.Provides that provisions related to Carbon Policy Office, Oregon Climate Action Program, in-vestment of certain moneys, Public Utility Commission, transfer of duties, and repeal of Energy Fa-cility Siting Council carbon dioxide emissions standards become operative January 1, 2021.

Provides for expedited review of certain questions on Act to Supreme Court upon petition by adversely affected party. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

In short this bill will raise highway gas tax, add an additional $50 a month to natural gas bills among many other higher taxes on carbon based goods. It's basically 'the green new deal' that destroys the local workforce.

Something that the Politicians forget is that it's the loggers, the truckers and the plumbers who keep civilization running. Woe to any government that crosses them to the point that they strike, because once that happens your toilets will be overflowing and your grocery stores laid bare. We all know this. We can feel it in the air. There is ZERO trust left with bureaucrats and politicians. Regardless of if you are politically right or left leaning---we can feel a revolution in the air.

My curse is to have been born in a country that no longer exists, there will be people living today who will claim such a title if America (and Alaska) doesn't fix their shit peacefully.

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