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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Trump Hits the Emotions With His Appeal for Border Security in His Address from the White House

The Spark Notes from the address:

In the last two years ICE made 266,000 immigrant arrests with criminal records, of those arrests;

100,000 were assaults
30,000 were sex crimes
4,000 were violent killings

1 in 3 women are raped crossing the border and women and children are the biggest victims of illegal immigrants.

The cost of illegal drugs costs 500 billion dollars a year and vastly more than the 5.7 billion dollar wall which will be paid indirectly by the trade deal with Mexico.

Democrats supported the wall and changed their mind only after President Trump's election

The federal government is shutdown only because Democrats refuse to fund border security.

The only solution is for Democrats to fund border security and this can be solved in a 45 minute meeting and the President has invited the Democrats for a meeting tomorrow.

Some have have suggested that barriers are immoral, then why do wealthy elites and politicians have walls surrounding their homes? The only thing that is immoral is for politicians to not do anything and allow people to be victimized by illegal immigration.

In California a police officer was murdered by an illegal
In California an air-force vet was raped, murdered and beaten to death with a hammer by an illegal
In Georgia an illegal alien was charged with murder, beheading and dismembering of a neighbor
In Maryland MS13 members who came in as minors were charged for stabbing and beating a 16 year old girl

How much more American blood needs to be shed before Congress will do their job?
Imagine if it was your child, husband, or wife whose life was shattered and broken
|before Congress does their job?

Call your Congress people request funding for Border Security.

Democrat Response:

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