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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Climate Science and the Renewable Energy Question

A reader sent me a great presentation on Climate Science and the Myths of Renewable Energy. Since climate is such a "Hot" (heh) topic these days, I figured I would share it with you. Below the video I shared the spark notes.

First some background:

Climate Change/Global Warming is a great example of propaganda trumping education. For example, I learned in 2nd grade that the Sun controls the temperature on Earth and not humans and yet somehow, as an adult i'm being told that is wrong. In 2nd grade I learned that CO2 is good for the environment and essential for plants and trees to survive--as an adult i'm being told that is wrong.

How could basic scientific facts change in just such a short time?

The answer is rhetorical.

As a young adult attending a climatology class by a prestigious climate scientist at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, I had a major shock to my preconceived notions. And at the height of the Al Gore climate change mock-umentary fever, the professor presented a mind-blowing fact to the class, "No climate scientist believes that humans cause climate change."

 No climate scientist believes that humans cause climate change because the climate has been changing on earth since before humans have even been around...the Ice Age anyone? Hello?

The look of someone going through cognitive dissonance when they are told humans don't cause global warming.

Spark Notes:

“man made global warming" is based on 4 things:

a. The greenhouse effect
b. Rising atmospheric CO2 levels (the stuff that plants and trees crave)
c. Rising global temperature
d. Computer model projections

There is zero evidence greenhouse gasses are the primary causes of global warming
CO2 doesn't cause warming and is beneficial for plant survival.
It has been much warmer in the past, well before coal mines and ATV vehicles.
A thousand years ago the Mendenhal Glacier (in Juneau) didn't exist.
Computer Models are fake and wrong...and possibly gay.

Climate change is always changing, the question is what impacts do humans have?

All weather on earth is driven by the Sun.

Only 4 of the 10,000 molecules in our atmosphere are CO2. The most abundant greehouse gas is water vapor which makes up 75-90% of earth's greenhouse effect.

The oceans hold 50 times the CO2 than the atmosphere, so why the obession with changing the atmosphere?

Humans are only responsible for 1 or 2% of all greenhouse effects on this planet.

CO2 can't cause "dangerous" warming.

There is zero increase in tropical storms or tornadoes despite all the media coverage.

Remember the 97% scientific consensus that Climate is Warming and humans are contributing to it?
Yeah, that statistic comes from only 75 SCIENTISTS. Not 750, Not 7,500...only Seventy-Five people.

On the other hand 31,478 American scientists don't believe that CO2 is bad nor that humans are contributing to climate change on this earth.

Solar and Wind energy are scams.

In Summary: CLIMATE IS COOLING AROUND THE WORLD and change is dominated by natural cycles that are removed from human action.

All this discussion aside, I have yet to meet an Alaskan that was against having a slightly warmer winter and a slightly nicer summer. Have you met them? They don't exist. The ones who claim to be concerned are actually foreigners from outside Alaska.

Then Again the Strongest Global Warming Evidence I have Seen Yet:

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