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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Why are Alaska Natives PRO Immigration?

Ruh-roh did I step in it?

I follow several Alaska Native groups online and with all this caravan business and the children locked in cages meme a few months ago, I was shocked....SHOCKED to read that the majority of the natives on these chat groups slammed President Trump and his anti-immigration stances. The arguments went something like this:

  • Immigrants must let Immigrants In!
  • It's un-Christian to not provide for the poor and weary
  • *Jesus was an immigrant [*my favorite lolz]
  • We need to be brave, support the oppressed as we also continue to be so, inform ourselves and share our fry bread and space.

Surely Alaska Natives Understand the Consequences of Open Borders?

Immigration to Alaska by Europeans is a relatively recent phenomenon and an official fort wasn't established until 1799 by Russia in [Old] Sitka and then it wasn't until after the sale of Alaska in 1867 that America finally cared enough about this region that tens of thousands of Americans started flooding into previously native land in search of gold and silver. 

The point is, what would the ancestors of these modern day Alaska Natives who now open their arms to illegal immigration must have thought as large wooden vessels full of diseased and rugged 'colored' people disembarked on their shores? 

Surely, the elders must have immediately called the youngsters RACISTS if they complained about this new invasion force? 

Right? Serious question and i'm trying to get a serious answer. How can Alaska Natives get on social media and tell me A RUSSIAN with a straight face that 'immigration is good for America.' 

Was it good for Alaska Natives? 

The answer is obviously not, because just like what is happening with these massive caravans coming up to the border. The first immigrants to Alaska had big guns and were carried by single middle aged men. An invasion force. 

The reality is that the media today no longer reports the news, they create the news. The proof is with the immigration stories. Natives should be putting politics aside and standing with President Trump on the Immigration Question, simply because they know full well the consequences of not fighting for your land. Instead we get brainwashed by media and completely forget basic Alaskan history and so the politicians and hostile media wins again and; 

Divides Us despite our commonalities

A part of me believes that the Natives who support open borders are doing it for revenge and as a middle finger to European Americans. Which is short-term thinking and rather stupid, do you believe that if let's say Alaska all of a sudden became part of Communist China that they would give a shit about Native reservations in Metlakatla or the Native Culture and History of this state? 

Have you met a China man? They are the most racist group on the planet second only to Islamicists.

The answer is no. All the Native Corporations would be nationalized and all the money would go directly to the communist politicians in China. Likewise, if Alaska was taken over by Mexico do you really believe they would 'unite' with the Haida and Tlingit and created a parallel and respectful government? 

Have you met a Mexican? They are the most racist group on the planet second only to Chinamen. 

This brings up the bigger point, Tlingit's were ANTI-Immigration. 

How do I know? Because the Tlingit were at constant war with the freshly arrived Haida immigrants on Prince of Wales in SE in the 1800's and it wasn't until both the Tlingit and Haida became a demographic minority were they forced to work together and realize that they had much more in common with each other than they realized.

Whether you like it or not, Alaskans who grew up and were born in Alaska (of all colors) have more in common with each other than we do with "foreigners" from "Down South." If we sat down and had an honest discussion we would all agree that Alaska would be better off with putting restrictions on immigration because we already see how quickly politics shifts on this island and the region when just 100 Californians move up to "retire" from their shit-hole cities.

Like wise, Americans (of all colors) who were born here, have more in common with each other than the foreigners who don't speak our languages and don't share our customs and don't share our culture.

And unless i'm mistaken, Alaska Natives are largely anti-immigration, it's just we all get caught up in the cycle of politics and don't sit down long enough to ask, WHAT WOULD OUR ANCESTORS THINK?

On a Humorous Note:


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