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Thursday, November 22, 2018

The REAL Truth About Thanksgiving

Everything you know about the History of Thanksgiving is wrong, below Stefan goes into the history of the early Plymouth colony. I won't give any spoilers however I will post some enlightening comments from the people who watched and listened to this podcast: 

We Americans love to portray Native Americans as "Noble Savages" that got conquered by the disease ridden power-hungry, religious nutbag Europeans. To dumb down early colonial narrative like this basically tells everyone that native Americans were just like kids who were in harmony with each other and nature. Well, that narrative needs to change because the Americas before European arrival were just as complex and diverse as any other parts of the world. There were so many competing factions, political intrigue, conflicts etc. The more we get off our high horse and see native Americans as they were--humans like everyone else--we'll have a less romantic narrative of what early America was like and see the interactions of cultures during colonization as a much more complicated study of history than just "Europeans colonizing and wiping out natives."

People need to see the early colonial America not as a whites vs natives, but as a Native American groups competing with each other, and trying to get the settlers from abroad to join them against rivals. The French, British, Spanish, etc. didn't come to America to wipe out the noble natives, like so many people have been lead to believe.

On top of that, Stefan, the Indians who Wampanoag Indians who celebrated Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims saw it much more as a "we protect you from our rivals" type of deal. That point gets lost in our textbooks because our history textbooks fail to see the actual humanity in Indians, and instead, simplify their motivations and humanity to fit a narrative.


Why the disdainful attitude towards the Pilgrims (not Puritans, they are a different group)? You do realize that they were the minority among those who came over on the Mayflower? As far as why didn't they know how to farm and bring more provisions? They could only bring over so much and most lived in cities in Europe. These people were poor having been persecuted by the Church of England and needed sponsorship of merchants (who were to be paid back by food they had grown). They started off with a socialist system of government but soon ditched that for a capitalistic form (this same thing happened at the Roanoke Colony who didn't respond as well). As far as the Indians, they too had been decimated by disease and war among the various tribes. Some tribes had gone extinct before the Pilgrims even showed up (various theories of the reason why are given). As far as the "state control schools" teaching the untruth about Thanksgiving the teaching was far before state controlled schools. It was based on George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1789.


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