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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Body Language Analysis: Christine Blasey Ford

This was really hard to watch, this woman triggers me. You can just tell how evil and psychotic she is.

Here is the synopsis: 

She has a neurological disease, the tell is her opening and shutting her mouth despite sitting up straight.

She looks at the democrat committee members quite a bit before answering.

She is using emotion to manipulate her testimony by altering her voice to sound more victim-esque.

The prosecutor did a much better job than the Republicans give her credit for.

Genius! Rachel Butera mocks Christine Blasey-Ford’s voice

Rachel Butera mocks Christine Blasey-Ford's voice from Courtney Enlow on Vimeo.

Is Christine Actually Amy Schumer? 

This is possibly my favorite theory so far regarding this entire Supreme Court Nomination circus. I mean really, with all these fake and forged allegations, why couldn't Amy actually be acting as Christine? 

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