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Sunday, August 26, 2018


Millennials get a bad-rep these days and for good reason...Millennials deny the reality of the world around us.

Your 'umble editor seeks to undo the damages due to decades of propaganda, by discussing the topics that few dare--with a perspective that only a small percentage have.

"Fake News" is all around us, what few tend to ask is, "At what point does Fake News become Fake History?"

That is the question that all should ask and together we will slowly start revealing The Truth.

I have always said, that "Alaskans Agree On a Lot More Than We Disagree," so while this site will lean towards a particular political spectrum I want to remind you, dear reader, that what you read in the media is intentionally skewed to make everyone in America hate each other. 

On i'm unleashing the facts that you may not want to hear and deep down are earnestly waiting for someone to dictate. 


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