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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Tiger King Reviews

I don't watch documentaries and I can't stand documentaries. So, I won't watch the new Tiger King documentary on Netflix. However, i've heard a lot of interesting stuff on the show and figured you may enjoy the reviews on IMDB.

Speaking of TV Shows, does anyone remember Game of Thrones? Everyone is at home binging television and the greatest tv show of all time is now forgotten because the last season was butchered so bad.


This is quality documentary-making

Filmed over the course of several years by a clearly passionate and committed filmmaker, this superb series takes many gripping twists and turns. I watched for seven hours straight, only breaking to Google every now and then.

Although it's about the exotic animal business in the USA, it actually has multiple layers of interwoven themes. Populated by flawed humans interacting with magnificent animals, nobody is a presented as a pure goodie or a baddie - every real-life character has elements of both, presented in such an insightful way that you'll find your opinions and loyalties shifting as you get carried along on this gripping journey.

Perfectly paced, great soundtrack, interesting bonus to have the main protagonist's own music featured. I finished this feeling educated, entertained, sad, conflicted, curious, fascinated.


I worked for this guy for 9 months

Back in 2008 I worked for Joe Exotic for about 9 months, 4 of which were on the road and maybe 5 at the animal park. I've seen the doc and in my experience working with him and being at the park I really don't have anything bad to say about the guy based on what I lived personally being around the whole thing

there's obviously some sensationalism involved in the doc, some things are accurate and some things aren't but that's the nature of these kind of things.


IQ Lowering Gold

This is the kind of stuff that should never see media coverage. It just promotes more dumb people to dumb stuff. In which, there is an obvious influx these days.


Another documentary....

Which is what I thought. But with the current climate I figured why not? I'll bite. This is beyond fascinating. What I assumed what an episodic documentary in line with "Fatal Attraction" from Animal planet turned into a murder case and a presidential run and god knows what else. Entirely worth watching. Very well put together. Every time I thought footage was biased i was proven wrong. My own opinion on the actual content put aside, this documentary is up there with Making a Murderer techincally. Again not content. This is worthy of a binge and a discussion on so many topic


Madness of the big cat world

Wow! What can I say. This documentary has everything, rivalry, polygamy, cult like behaviour, deception, wild ambition, theft, back stabbing and lots and lots of beautiful big cats. At the centre of this myriad is larger than life character Joe Exotic. He has to be seen to be believed. There is a rivalry with big cat activist carole which escalates into ridiculous proportions. There are the zoo workers who we get to know and Joe's several husbands plus other owners and workers of several wild life zoos. There's alot of distrust and greed amongst them. Few likeable characters stand out. Creepy Carole does present as more than she seems and she linked to a possible murder. I've seen alot of Netflix documentaries but this one is definitely worth a watch. Step into their crazy world. Bingable and highly recommended.


Suga' britches trailer park boys

Suga' britches trailer park boy married 2 other suga' britches .. along with Ex-Cons .. make a backwards feeble attempt at discrediting a woman that is bent on exposes his evil treatment towards tigers.


Basically a super long Jerry Springer episodes, but with animals, sadness and chaos.

I've never really watched anything like this before. It's horrible, its hilarious, its scary, it kills brain cells....and yet you can't look away. As I said its Jerry Springer really. Pretty much all the people involved, no matter their side, are all terrible people and half nutty. By the time it's over you won't feel bad for anyone.

Should you watch this? Yes. Underneath all the chaos and people, it does a good job of reminding you in the end that the animals had no choice in any of this. And sadly nothing has changed for them since no laws have changed. The underbelly of these big cat zoos is disgusting. There are more tigers in the US then there are in the wild. Sad. If you do watch I should point out its rated MA for a reason.

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