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Friday, November 1, 2019

The War to Prevent Boomer Retirement

I'm at the stage in my life where I have seen Fake News and Fake History take an about face on every single cultural topic. Growing up I was told that

  • Crisco is good and butter is bad
  • Acidic Rain will kill us all (what happened to that?)
  • We shouldn't have kids because of over population (now we need to import foreign invaders because not enough people).
  • Bacon and red meat is bad
  • Global cooling will destroy the planet
  • Sodomites just want to be left alone (now we are teaching children anal rape in schools
  • Women are exactly the same as men (now we have men winning female competitions)
  • If you work hard, you will be able to retire early and enjoy your remaining years

It's the retirement hoax that I have seen the biggest push in recent years. When I wen to High School I remember one of the teachers telling our class;

Work hard and invest in your retirement and you will see the benefits

Our entire class laughed and the Craig High School teacher was shocked at our mirth.

Why are you laughing? 

"We won't have a retirement" we replied. Even back in 2007 in the early stages of the internet and the cultural revolution, Millennials saw that the welfare experiment pushed into existence in the late 1960's was completely unsustainable and would not be able to support the system. The wisdom of the youth is rarely wrong as Social Security stealthily increased full retirement to 67 years--with not a single boomer protesting.

Those in America are luckily, there is a push now around the world to increase full retirement to age 70:

In the UK the state pension age is due to rise from 65 in 2018 to 68 by 2046.

A report for the Department for Work and Pensions earlier this year has suggested that workers under 30 may not get a state pension until they are 70.

This is sick. The system is treating human beings who worked 40+ years paying taxes year after year as little more than cogs in a welfare machine that ""they"" (the government) do not want to pay out. Recently, and as of this writing i've been seeing more and more propaganda articles pushing this narrative that, "oh yes stupid boomer, work longer...IT'S GOOD FOR YOU."

If You Rest, You Rust? Study Finds Early Retirement May Speed Up Cognitive Decline

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. — It’s hard to think of an early retirement as anything other than a positive. Who wouldn’t want to trade in their suit and tie for a pair of beach shorts? While retiring ahead of schedule may be easier on the body, a new set of research has found that it may not be so beneficial for the mind.

The study, conducted at Binghamton University, finds that an early retirement can accelerate the usual rate of cognitive decline among the elderly.

Oh yes...we wouldn't want people to think that retiring and actually doing what you want with your free time is a positive and good influence in your life.

The research team analyzed China’s new rural pension scheme (NRPS), as well as China’s most recent Retirement Longitudinal Survey (CHARLS), in order to investigate the effects of early retirement and pension benefits on individual cognition among adults over the age of 60. For reference, CHARLS is a representative national survey of China’s population over the age of 45 that tests respondents regarding mental cognition, episodic memory, and overall mental wellbeing.

Why are we listening to the Chinese? They don't give a damn about human life. They can't even make functioning elevators.

Nikolov had actually conducted previous studies that found retirement led to a number of positive physical health benefits for retirees, such as improved sleep patterns, less stress, and reduced alcohol consumption. However, retirement is also usually accompanied with a decline in social activities and less overall interaction with people, which has also been linked to cognitive decline.

Yes, actually REAL studies before xe was paid off to push propaganda, as for 'less overall interactions with people', have you met people? People are cunts. My cognitive mental state declines when i'm in the presence of low-IQ, i'm fairly certain ""science"" shows that spending time with dumb people makes you dumber.

Oh my! There's a study for everything!

The research team are hopeful that their findings will be considered by older adults when mulling retirement, but perhaps more importantly, they hope that policy makers in developing countries take note while drawing up new pension plans. They recommend instituting social get-togethers and work shops for recent retirees to help lessen the predicted decline in social interaction and critical thinking that often comes along with retirement.

AKA "we hope that adults reaching retirement age get tricked by corporate media and continue to work till they die.

Look, i'll explain why retirement people may or may not have a lower standard of mental and physical living:

1. They become obese and don't exercise

That's it. There is no other explanation needed. My next door neighbor is retired and has been retired for a long time and he constantly goes around and fixes pot holes in the road, he has 10 cords of wood in his shop, hunts and remains physically active. That is the secret to success. It's staying active and doing what you want.

Happiness isn't working for some corporate entity that hates you. Happiness is retiring early and spending time with your family and helping your family to succeed.

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