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Thursday, June 27, 2019

And the Winner of the First Democrat Debate Is….


The Democrat Party is officially the party of the Non-Europeans. If you are a Heritage American with European lineage, you aren’t welcome. Five minutes in and Beto is speaking in Spanish, Keegan Michael-Key also spoke Spanish. It’s definitely shocking and jarring if you aren’t prepared. I’m a legal immigrant to America and I had to learn American and here I am watching this debate and I can’t understand a damn thing. Does this seem fair to you? Why did I have to learn American in the first place, if there are now millions of immigrants who expect future politicians to speak their languages and not learn American?

And these are candidates for President!

Do we not want American Presidents to speak American now? Is that how far this country has fallen? It’s one thing to speak a different language in private; however, in public it should be American. If we can’t be united under one language, are we really ONE country anymore?

Also, why are people still asking about women being paid equally to men? No smart person believes women are paid less than men in the same job. Only morons and NPR listeners believe that. It's simply not true. Women are paid the same as men and in fact, millennial women are paid MORE than men in the same job.

My Winners:

Booker (Keegan Michael-Key) simply because he was the only candidate to commit to not rejoining the failed Obama-Iran agreement.

Tulsi Gabbard, because she’s hot (and we need a female as President, might as well be a hot one.) Pocahontas reminds me of my grandma.

That’s it. The rest are insane and have weird faces. Did you notice that? They all have weird expressions when speaking. It’s weird.

Amy Klobuchar

Also PS, it’s hilarious that they had a technical issue halfway through the debate. The Democrats are a mess. If that’s not a sign of how well their efforts against Trump will go, I don’t know what is.

The Debate Stream:


Just when you thought the left couldn’t get anymore triggered, the Trump campaign took a massive ad buy from YouTube and will now reach more people during the Democratic Debates on the platform than the debates themselves.

President Trump’s reelection campaign has bought YouTube’s “masthead” for Wednesday, which is a new school term for main banner. If you’re not web savvy that means the banner on the main page top center. [...]

According to the experts, the Trump campaign spent somewhere between $500,000 and $1,000,000 for the ad.

Liberals across the country within the past hour are absolutely triggered over this news. Citing “Your average voter isn’t a Trump supporter” and “This won’t sway support for him.” [Source]

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