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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Uncle Adolf Finds Out the Mueller Investigation is Over

This is absolutely hilarious, the additional irony is that Adolf was a Socialist much like Bernie Sander is a Socialist and the Alt-Left are Socialists. What gets me in all this is how people continue to listen to Corporate Media.

How could you be so manipulated by a corporation to believe lie after lie after lie? It's embarrassing. Just to be clear Donald Trump's politics are literally exactly the same as John F. Kennedy's were in the 1960's.

Here is a JFK Brochure:

Military Preparedness:

Senator Kennedy has consistently advocated increased military strength as the soundest basis for a durable peace. He is author of a bill for a national peace agency to lay the groundwork for disarmament. When he warned in 1958 that Soviet missile gains were shifting the balance of power. Columnist Joseph Alsop wrote, "It is one of the most remarkable speeches on American defense since the end of the last war."

Progressive Labor Policy:

Senator Kennedy's labor accomplishments include a higher minimum wage, increased unemployment compensation, a broader Federal housing program, and safer working conditions. A leading member of the Senate Rackets Committee for three years, he sponsored the AFL-CIO-backed anti-racketeering bill clearing labor's name of a small hoodlum infiltration.

Prosperity on the Farm:

Senator Kennedy was one of the earliest advocates of a plan to assure farmers of a fair share of national income. His surplus food distribution and food-for-peace bills have received wide support from both urban and rural organizations.

Defense of Civil Liberties:

Senator Kennedy never wavered in his endorsement of those principles of human rights now embodied in the 1960 Democratic Platform, including basic civil rights in education, housing, and economic opportunity. He has always opposed those seeking to restrict individual freedom of speech and conscience.

Aid for the Aged:

Senator Kennedy drafted a 10-point plan to provide older people with housing, medical care, and recreational facilities. This led to a special Senate Subcommittee on the aged, of which he was vice-chairman. He has also sponsored a bill to provide for hospital, nursing, and medical care for our older citizens.

Fiscal Responsibility:

Senator Kennedy, Chairman of the Government Operations Subcommittee, guided thirty bills through Congress that improved efficiency in government. The Hoover Commission estimated his revision of budget and accounting procedures would ultimately save the taxpayers $4 billion annually.

A man who CARES for AMERICA

A man who will LEAD AMERICA

Add in JFK's Space Race and Trump's Space Force, Trump is LITERALLY JFK POLITICALLY. Yet, you people are manipulated over and over and over and listen to MILLIONARE's working for a Corporate media complaining about how Trump is a Billionaire...come on now.

Anderson Cooper Worked for the CIA and is a BILLIONAIRE

Wake up. It's ok to be wrong. We all are on occasion wrong. Let's all admit that the corporate media has been manipulating us to make us hate each other. Plain and simple. 

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