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Monday, February 4, 2019

The Only Interesting Thing About Sunday Was How Awful the Half Time Show Was


No! The Superbowl game was NOT Boring. 

Yes! At one point I thought the Superbowl game WAS Boring. 

Then I thought about it and I was on the edge of my seat couch the entire game and (importantly) that touchdown less first 3 quarters! I've come to the conclusion that high scoring games are for low IQ viewers who get bored easily and low scoring games are for High IQ individuals who understand the intricate nuisances that keep people bored on the edge of their seat!

"Soccer" the ultimate "High-IQ" sport! 


The biggest surprise was how absolutely bland and boring the halftime show was--and i'm one of the many die hard American fans who love Maroon 5 and Nickelback! Yet I was still disappointed and who still likes rap in 2019? What's wrong with you? Anyway, the surprise was how unpopular the Maroon five youtube video was which received 100,000+ thumbs down. 

The video which the NFL uploaded to the streaming service was so unpopular and reached 100k down votes so quick that they actually deleted the video and reuploaded it again--only to have it reach -100K again! Way to go online Patriots! heh...see what I did there? Super high IQ pun! 

Apparently, the reason why the online community was so irked at Adam "She Must Be Loved" Lavigne was because the band teased that they where going to play SpongeBob Squarepants cult favorite performance "Sweet Victory" in honor of Stephen Hillenburg the creator of Spongebob who died from ALS last year. 

Well, if you were confused by why a 5 second video of Spongebob showed up in the performance, this is why. Except, Maroon 5 were...wait for it...Moroons and didn't do it! Well THE INTERNETZ NOTICED!

You Know Who Doesn't Have Disappointing Half Time Shows? 

Soccer is so HIGH IQ that viewers don't need to be entertained by shirtless paid entertainers!!


Apparently nobody can make advertisements anymore other than Budweiser


If you aren't reading comments on Youtube you must not respect high IQ individuals...the comments below the Game of Thrones Bud Light ad were so HIGH IQ that SNL would never use them for jokes;


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