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Monday, October 8, 2018

Murkowski's "Present" Vote on Kavanaugh and the 74 Other Judges Was Quite a Surprise

President Trump unloaded Saturday on Republican Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, saying that Alaskans will "never forgive" her for voting against Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court.

"I think she will never recover from this," Mr. Trump said in an interview with the Washington Post. "I think the people from Alaska will never forgive her for what she did."

Murkowski was the only Republican who did not vote to confirm Kavanaugh. She initially voted no, and then withdrew her "no" vote to instead re-list herself as "present." She did this as a courtesy to her Republican colleague, Sen. Steve Daines, who is in Montana to attend his daughter's wedding and would have voted "yea" on Kavanaugh.

I was so confident in my analysis before the vote too! The argument basically came down to:

Yes. Lisa Murkowski is going to make a calculated decision and vote in favor for Brett. The Native groups who helped vote her into office will be furious, however, her office doesn't expire for another 4 years until 2022--PLENTY OF TIME FOR NATIVES TO FORGET SHE VOTED FOR KAVANAUGH.

Plus, after the midterm elections she will be guaranteed influential positions in the Senate and will have the prime ability to keep flooding Alaska with money and keep everyone happy.

Then come 2022, she will tell the Native groups,

“I know you were upset but look at all the great programs and "XYZ" projects that I brought back to Alaska! I'm the Chair of _________, which is important for the state, and I had to vote for Kavanaugh because that was in the best interest for the State of Alaska.”

However, she ended up pissing off every Alaskan group with her cowardly "present" vote. The media, played up Murkowski in the headlines as voting no, so I doubt many will even know that she voted "present" instead. However, she did no favors to the interest groups that support her after they eventually figure out that she was completely neutral on the whole nomination despite all of their intensive lobbying.

Another thing that many don't realize,

74 other Federal Judges and 172 Trump Executive branch hires also were confirmed with this Kavanaugh vote.

Politically speaking she could have used the 200 other judicial/executive positions as cover on voting yes. However, she did neither and really opens herself up for attack in 2022.

Now, I don't think Palin would run for Senate in Alaska:

a. rumor is she hasn't lived full-time here for years anyway

b. Palin is more of a political celebrity/pundit than a serious political candidate anymore.

c. Alaskans have a contentious history with Palin and are very split in opinion of her. My personal acquaintances either really like Sarah or really dislike her; there is no middle ground. Quite a few Republicans are still mad that Palin ended her Governor term early to run in 2008 and make no mistake, as Governor she had high approval among the right wing--it's the quitting and leaving that sits poorly with many.

What I will predict is that milk-toast 'present' politicians--of both parties--are over. When Trump wins in 2020, the Democrats will not accept the election. Again! They will get even more rabbid and insane. Which means that any Republicans who run between 2022-2026 will have to be radical Pro-Trump candidates, to prevent any Dems from gaining power and dismantling the political system. And the system will have signs of being dismantled after 2024.

Imagine if after the Trump presidency another Republican wins and they also control Congress, Democrats will not have had power for 12 years! They will shout, "the elections are rigged, the elections are rigged!" Meanwhile, unless a border wall is built by then and immigration is completely shut off. Heritage America will continue it's slide into minority status.

Then we will see by that point, how Heritage South Africans are doing and all of Western Society will suddenly realize what life will be like when they become minorities in their own countries. So, by 2030 when Heritage America is outnumbered in a democratically held election and Ocassio-Cortez-Diaz-Fuentes-Locos is elected, America will finally realize that Democracy doesn't work and they've been conned by a plan that was put in place all the way back in 1965.

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