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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Alaska in FULL MELTDOWN as Lt. Governor FORCED to Resign

What is going on with Alaska politics???

First we had Lisa Murkowski vote present on Judge Kavanaugh now we have Governor Bill Walker (who is running in a three way race against one other Democrat and Republican Mike Dunleavy) forcing his Lt. Governor Byron Mallot to step down and secretly inducting another Lt. Governor behind closed doors--will get to this later.


Wait For it....

Former Lite Governor Byron Mallott SAID something bad to a woman.

This makes the fourth time in less than two years that Democrats have been involved in a #metoo moment (The others are Representatives Dean Westlake, Zach Fansler, and Justin Parish).


Byron Mallot didn't grab anyone by their pussy, he didn't allegedly sexually assault anyone 30 years ago, he didn't do a photo-op pretending to grab feminine ta-tas..he...he...I'm Trembling...


OCTOBER 16, 2018 ANCHORAGE – Byron Mallott today resigned as Lieutenant Governor effective immediately, and Valerie Nurr'araaluk Davidson was sworn into the office during a private ceremony in Governor Bill Walker’s Anchorage office this afternoon.

Governor Walker and Lieutenant Governor Davidson released the following statements:

“It is with profound disappointment and sadness that I accepted the resignation of Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott.

Byron recently made inappropriate comments that do not reflect the sterling level of behavior required in his role as Lieutenant Governor. I learned of the incident last night. Byron has taken full responsibility for his actions and has resigned.

As leaders, we must hold ourselves to the highest standards of conduct.

Valerie Davidson was confirmed as Lieutenant Governor-designee earlier this April. She was sworn in today as Lieutenant Governor. Doctor Jay Butler has been appointed Commissioner of the Department of Health and Social Services. Alaskans can be confident that Valerie Davidson will assume the duties of Lieutenant Governor with grace and dignity.”

– Governor Bill Walker

“Alaskans deserve the highest standards of conduct by their elected officials. While I am deeply saddened by the resignation of Lt. Governor Byron Mallott, I am profoundly disappointed by his conduct.

Respect for women, and the dignity of all Alaskans, is our responsibility. I stand ready to serve as your Lieutenant Governor.– Lieutenant Governor Valerie Davidson”

What did he say???

Nobody knows as of this writing and who ever leaks the information first gets an Alaskan Internet Pot Brownie!

You know you want one you hippie hipster hippo!

The Alaska Senate Democrats Made a Statement

Byron Makes a Statement

Who is Davidson? 

Valerie Davidson, the state's new lieutenant governor and the first Alaska Native woman to hold higher office in Alaska, has fought for Alaska Native social issues for decades.

Now 51, the Yup'ik from Southwest Alaska was an 18-year-old college student when she made national headlines in 1985.

She silenced an Anchorage meeting of the Senate committee on Indian Affairs with her warning of rampant alcohol and drug abuse in villages that killed too many people, according to a news report from that year.

In more recent decades, Davidson has been on the front lines of battles to improve health care for Alaska Natives, including as Gov. Bill Walker's Health and Social Services commissioner until this week. [...]

Before Walker appointed Davidson to his cabinet in 2014, she had worked at the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium for several years, leading the legal and intergovernmental affairs team.

She was a key figure in negotiations with the federal government that in 2012 allowed rural veterans to get care at tribal clinics in their communities.

Before that, she fought to put dental therapists in rural villages — despite legal challenges from dental associations — helping create the first mid-level dental program in the U.S. [ADN]

The Sad Thing in all of this

1. I was actually seriously considering voting for Bill Walker--even though he took half of our $3,000 pfd--simply because he had Byron Mallott as his Lt. Governor. I'm a tribalist and us Southeasterns have to stick together and Mallott was born and raised in SE, so I knew that at minimum our interests would be better represented. 

2. It is clear that Walker is a cuck. I don't know what Mallott has said, it can't possibly be worse than "grab 'em by the pussy" so the fact that he can't stand by his friend who has been by his side for four years is a serious insight into how weak and cowardly he is. 

I know that this is a harsh pre-mature assessment, considering we have no idea what was SAID. And that's the POINT! The facts on the floor is that Byron simply SAID SOMETHING. He didn't hurt anyone and unless he actually said something that was ILLEGAL why do we have candidates resigning left and right? Can you imagine? Byron Mallott's Great-Great Grandfather was presumably killing people and taking female slaves back to the camps BUT...wait for it...his great-great-grandson SAID something INAPPROPRIATE to someone. I mean come on. Men and Women are equal in 2018 and as such they have just as strong emotions and constitutions as men. It's an INSULT to WOMEN that their feelings are hurt so much that a man has to lose his career over WORDS. 

3. Walker again demonstrates his stupidity as a politician. He had the perfect opportunity to approach Begich (the other Democrat running for governor against him) and unite under one party. Instead, the election continues to be split in a three way race. In other words, what this shows (to an uneducated pundit) is Walker's pure narcissism. We can throw a friend under the bus, however, we can't set our pride aside and unite with another political ally to win an election. This guy's political instincts are way off or perhaps he did approach Begich and the negotiations fell through who knows.

It's a sad day in Alaska when words bring down governments. 

We have budget deficits going on for five years now. We can't fix that.
We have the highest drug death crisis in the country. We can't fix that.
We have a serious dependence on oil for tax revenue. We can't fix that.


Am I wrong? Am I too judgmental? Should I lose my job for defending a politician before all the facts are in? Can words actually break bones and hurt you? 

What is the over under on Byron Mallot's "Inappropriate" comments being worse than "Grab 'em by the pussy?" That statement elected Donald Trump, however it was at least a 7 on a 10 point scale.

So i'm setting the bar at 7.

What did Byron Mallot say? Sound off!

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