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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Simulations of the Matrix

Short story long, the "Elites" (if you will) create dystopian futures and create post-modern architectural atrocities to keep us blinded from The Truth of the real world.

Case in point: Picasso is a shit artist 

The Matrix is really a movie and a theory to keep us depressed, if there is no reality than what is the point of living? What is the purpose in life?

If there is no beauty, if there is no truth, if there is no reality than why even make plans for the future and keep on existing?

It's a seed of nihilism that is planted into us in every single movie that you see today. Every movie in 2018 has selfishness, narcissism and self-abasement to move us away from what we genetically know to be true...


Humans are born with faith and we spend our entire lives being taught not to believe in an after-life or worse we are taught to not have faith in our own consciousness and our own ambitions. The propaganda world that we live in shows us one thing when the truth is the exact opposite.

The Matrix is more of a warning. A warning that if we keep pretending that the world around us isn't evil, we will fall into delusion and create utopias which don't exist and end up slipping us into a cycle of unrecoverable dystopia, depression...or worse, death.

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