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Saturday, September 15, 2018

On the Russian Bombers Near Alaska/US Airspace

Business Insider:

US Air Force F-22 stealth fighters intercepted two Russian strategic bombers escorted by two fighter jets near Alaska on Tuesday, marking the second time Russia has done so in a month. [...]

A similar incident occurred on Sept. 1, the Washington Free Beacon first reported. A defense official told the newspaper that the Russian bombers, which entered the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ), south of the Aleutian Islands, may have been practicing cruise missile strikes on US missile defense systems based in Alaska.

The purpose of the most recent flyby is unknown, but it comes as Russia and China kick off Russia's largest war games in decades. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, as first noted by Fox News, released a video Wednesday of two Cold War bombers escorted by fighter aircraft taking off for exercises from an airbase in eastern Russia. [...]

Russia conducts operations and exercises of this nature regularly. In mid-August, Russia flew two supersonic nuclear-capable Tu-160 bombers past Alaska, demonstrating that Moscow can deploy heavy bombers close to the US. The Tu-160 bombers can can carry six standard cruise missiles and 12 short-range nuclear missiles and fly at speeds greater than two times the speed of sound.

First, I want to make clear that there has been a united front in American media propaganda to demonize Russia. We all have speculations regarding the reasons, however, the fact that Russia is once again viewed as "the enemy" is undeniable.

Secondly, I want to give a perspective to Non-Alaskans who think Alaska is near Hawaii what actually goes on here.

Thirdly, as I've been seeing the news and social media streams fill up with panic over these fly-by missions, I want to assure the manic populace, having lived in Fairbanks for four years (near an air force base) and Alaska nearly my entire life that these types of missions by both countries are so routine in Alaska that it's rarely even reported.

Fourth, I was born in the Soviet Union and while i'm a LEGAL Patriotic American, I want to give a small defense of Russia--since nobody in the media is capable of doing it.

Why are they Routine? Because Alaska is 55 miles Away From Russia 

While this is just the closest borders between the two countries, the Aleutians which stretch 1,100 miles are relatively close to Russia's AND China's Eastern Military and Air Force bases.

In 2018, Russia consolidated its military and air force in the Kamchatka region (the peninsula pointing south in the above image and to the left of the tail end of the Aleutian chain).

In 2018, naval aviation and air defense forces of the Pacific Fleet will be united as part of a powerful army with a headquarters in Kamchatka. The new operational association will include at least two divisions - the aviation and air defense forces. He is charged with controlling the air situation in Kamchatka, Chukotka and in the Arctic region. According to experts, the formation of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces in the neighborhood with Alaska testifies to the buildup of the Pacific Fleet's strike potential.

As Izvestia was informed by the Defense Ministry, the formation of the army of the Air Force and Air Defense will begin in 2018. It will include aviation units, anti-aircraft missile and radio-technical troops.

The area of responsibility of the future operational association extends from the Northern Kurils to the Arctic island of Wrangel

Such transformations also occur in other fleets. In December 2015, the 45th Army of the Air Force and Air Defense of the Northern Fleet was formed. As Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu then said, this was done to strengthen airspace control in the Arctic.
Simultaneously with the formation of the Pacific army of the Air Force and Air Defense, the structure of the air forces is changing. Instead of the amorphous and poorly managed "airbases" created after the not entirely successful reform of 2008, regiments and divisions are being recreated. The combined aviation regiments, along with the squadrons of anti-submarine and transport aircraft, fighters, reconnaissance and missile carriers, will include units of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The basis of the new army's grouping will be the one stationed in Elizovo near Petropavlovsk- Kamchatka 317th mixed air regiment and the 53rd air defense division based there. As part of the air regiment, there is a squadron of anti-submarine aircraft with upgraded Il-38N Novella. In Elizovo, high-altitude interceptors Mig-31 are also based. In Kamchatka, there are also squadrons of helicopters and drones. The military department does not exclude that some forces will be replenished with new equipment in the future.

As part of the 53rd Air Defense Division - the radio and anti-aircraft missile shelves. As well as radar posts, aviation commandant's offices, aviation guidance points located in Kamchatka, Chukotka, Wrangel Island and other areas of the Russian northeast. [...]

Considering that this week's interception happened near the Aleutians and while no specific information was given by the US military, we can safely assume with the new added information that a. Alaska is very close to Russia and b. Russia consolidated it's air force in Kamchatka that the Russian bombers and fighters most likely came from the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Why this isn't a big deal

In America we are very American news centric and yet we forget that America does these exact same missions constantly to Russia. Except  while Russia only has 9 bases around the world with only the few on the east coast near Alaska to threaten America.

America has 800 bases around the world (that we know of) and quite actually hundreds near Russia that also routinely do air maneuvers to test Russian response. 

Routine spying?

Two US spy planes were spotted over the Baltic Sea close to Russia’s borders. One of the aircraft was reportedly intercepted by a Su-27 fighter, in what is becoming a routine aerial encounter, according to the Russian military.

The US surveillance planes conducted several flights near the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad on Saturday, according to Mil Radar, a military plane-spotter’s Twitter account, which monitors US Air Force and Navy operations around the world. [...]

The RC-135V had also approached the Russian exclave from the south, flying over the territory of Poland. The RC-135V is thought to have taken off from RAF Mildenhall in the UK, while the Poseidon operated from the Amari military installation in Estonia.

The P-8A Poseidon was reportedly “intercepted” by a Russian Su-27 fighter; however, neither the US nor the Russian military made any statements regarding the alleged incident, occurrences of which have become somewhat routine.

US and NATO air patrols have become increasingly common in international airspace over the past few years. In many cases the planes approach Russian territory very closely, frequently forcing the scrambling of Russian fighters to intercept the rogue aircraft.

In the last two weeks of April alone, 35 aircraft conducted surveillance missions near Russia’s borders, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. While no airspace breaches took place, fighter jets were scrambled 15 times to intercept and escort foreign military planes.

Now explain to me how 35 air missions by the US/NATO just in this one Baltic region is A-OK for America to do, yet we are panicking over just a couple Russian fly-by's near Alaska in 2018? Now some have said that "a bomber probe" is not comparable to American spy planes. Of course it's comparable, it's just a different type of aircraft. Even if it's not comparable, i'll make the comparison right now:

MOSCOW, June 6. [2017] Russia’s Sukhoi-27 fighter jet has intercepted and escorted a US B-52 bomber, which was flying along Russia’s border over the Baltic Sea, the Defense Ministry has told the media.

Either, these military drills are not ok by either country or both countries have the right to do this. An alternative theory is that, anyone paying attention to military news knows that these missions happen all the time, however, they are intentionally and purposely creating a narrative that ONLY RUSSIA IS DOING THIS. If the narrative is strong enough, perhaps the American plebs will ignore the internal politics and controversies that are happening at home.

"The only time the news tells the truth is when we are at war"

War is rather simple for the media yellow-journalism branch. There are bad goys and there are good goys. Battle lines are drawn, an outcome is certain, and news revenue increases as the panicked native population loyally reads the morning headlines between trembling fingers.  Is there any question anymore between Syria, hacked elections and now routine Russian air drills near Alaska borders that the news monopolies are itching for a new battle-frontier? 

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