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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Good Goy Elon Musk

Elon Musk went on the Joe Rogan Podcast September 6th and at the time of this article, it has 4.4 million views, which will make this (by the time all is said and done) probably Rogan's most listened to and viewed show ever. In comparison, Alex Jones' #911 podcast sits at 6.3 million youtube views.

Now, what's interesting BIZARRE is the media freaked out over the interview and several articles made it on the Drudge Report website with absolutely insane headlines:

Tesla shares plunge SIX PERCENT- wiping $3.1BILLION off the company value - after Elon Musk's wild pot-smoking, whiskey-drinking rambling podcast and company's top accountant quits

Tesla shares have plunged this morning after Elon Musk smoked marijuana and drank whiskey while discussing everything from drugs to the possibility we're all living in a simulation, in a rambling two-and-a-half hour podcast appearance which was live-streamed on YouTube.

The 47-year-old billionaire went on the Joe Rogan Experience late on Thursday night and accepted a joint from the host - after a rambling conversation that also took in the dangers of AI and the possibility China is spying on US citizens through their phones.

I would love to know, who the editors are for these articles, because 'rambling' seems to be the $deep-state$ approved talking point. I regularly listen to Joe Rogan, by definition ALL HIS PODCASTS ARE RAMBLING. That's the point of the long-form interviews and the reason why podcasts are the future. The subject is allowed to take his time to talk about what ever he or she wants. This wasn't even close to rambling for any follower who has listened to Eddie Bravo when he is a guest.

Hours later, the company's chief accounting officer Dave Morton resigned citing 'public attention' on the company.

Meanwhile, shares plummeted to nine per cent this morning, wiping $4.3 billion off the company's value. By close of trading they had slightly recovered to a 6.3 per cent drop, reducing the company's value by $3.1bn.
I don't know who Dave Morton is but he is a complete moron.

Morton looks like a Lizard...or a really pale version of Lord Voldemort

Musk should consider himself fortunate, who knows what kind of weird hocus pocus magic Dave was doing behind the scenes....I digress. Morton is was the accounting officer, i'm not sure what that job is exactly but i'm guessing it's a cross between making sure Tesla gets as much money and public exposure as order to...wait for it...make more money. So, objectively speaking, in what world can 4.4 million youtube hits, presumably millions of listens on podcast, and hundreds of free media coverage articles POSSIBLY be a bad thing for Tesla?

It doesn't make sense. I'm assuming this is more fabricated pressure to destroy Elon. Ever since Musk threatened to fact check the $media$ and accused a creepy diver of being a creepy pedophile the establishment has been after him.

Towards the end of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the host lit a 'cigar' rolled with both tobacco and marijuana - a drug which is legal in the state of California - and offered it to Musk.

'You probably can't do this because of stockholders, right?,' Rogan asks Musk.

Musk, who earlier joked that mushrooms - both a harmless fungi and an psychedelic drug - are 'delicious', clarified that the drug is legal, and was seen taking a puff on the joint before handing it back.

'I'm not a regular smoker of weed. Almost never,' he told Rogan.

'I don't actually notice any effect. I know a lot of people like weed, and that's fine, however I don't find it's very good for productivity.'

This seemed to be the central point of all the articles and it was a nothing-burger in the podcast. Elon Musk took one puff and then handed it back. If anything, Elon was just taking a page out of the Bill Clinton playbook, and we all know that Bill Clinton is a paragon of leftist virtue and morality--so what's the big deal?

If only Bill inhaled...he would be cured of all life's ills.

Before this podcast, I wasn't actually a big fan of Elon Musk, I never 'got the hype'. First of all, Elon Musk just struck me as a welfare-parasite. Meaning, most of his projects are heavily dependent on Government subsidies. Space X and Tesla are all heavily funded by tax payer dollars (not very many people know this). Sure, he's done a lot of good things, I don't want to discredit him, it just seems that he did all those good things because he has a great grant guru.

However, after all this non-stop negative coverage of him these last few months, i'm beginning to wonder if he's really not all that bad? The guy is taking on all the bad people in tech and seems to be the Lord Commander of the Tech World.

If you haven't watched or listened to the podcast, it's actually very good. The first 30 minutes was particularly slow, however, after a few drinks of Whiskey the conversation livened up.

PS Elon Musk quite actually says "Ha ha ha" when he laughs!

PPS Dave Morton was set to retire from Tesla before the Podcast, so I take back what I said about him looking like Lord Voldemort. I mean...he still does, I just take back the vindictive way I wrote it.

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