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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

How The South African White Genocide Ends


If you had a friend (we've all had that friend) that told you these great stories that usually started and ended with "trust me" but a few days/months later none of these things came true, what would you do? For example;

Trust me, it's 2008 and the time to invest in GM stock is now. It's only going to go higher from this point--the company is unstoppable.

Hillary Clinton is going to become President, trust me.

The answer is of course, that you would file away that your friend is full-of-shit and none of his predictions ever come true. I write this, to say, why do we still trust the media who has been wrong on 100% of everything they have ever said or predicted.

  • Syrian Government Gassed its people
  • Trump will never win
  • JFK was assassinated by Oswald
  • Russians hacked the election

The news isn't news (and never has been) it's propaganda. The news you should trust is the local on the location reporting. The report above is from someone who lives in South Africa. Now for years, we have heard that there is no genocide of Whites in Africa. Clearly this is wrong. So, why do you still trust the media?

What I posted has a much higher predictability than anything the New York Times or CNN can ever publish.

Just food for thought.

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