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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Gun Control Meme

In my short years on Earth, I have never actually heard a logical rebuttal against guns. Notice I wrote logical vs emotional. There are plenty of emotional arguments and they go something like this: 

Or my favorite that i've personally experienced: 

Every Authoritarian government in the History of Ever, stripped guns from their people before they genocided them or in the case of Europe; invited a bunch of 3rd world savages to genocide the Europeans for them. 

There is no counter-argument to history. Liberals don't have one, they hate guns because deep down they are jealous of happy conservatives and want them disarmed, so that conservatives can be just as miserable and helpless as they are. 

Case in point, we have all had a liberal friend that "hates guns" and yet when you took them to the range and shot off a few rounds they freaking loved it, didn't they? Humans love violence (i'm speaking particularly of males) and love fire-works, explosions, and sharp objects. So when you meet a male who is anti-gun you can immediately sock it up to them drinking too much Soy-Lattes and reducing their testosterone or WORSE they are actually lying to you and pushing a political agenda. 

Don't be a soy boy

My passion and pro-gun stance isn't based on ideology or growing up in Alaska with our great gun-culture. My stance is genetic. Having been born in a country where my people were systematically targeted and murdered and nobody even knows the history. 

No-one remembers because they were un-unarmed. 

Tell me again, why you hate guns?

Honest question, I would like to know. 

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